Hiroko Masuko "bonsai extension"


6 - 29 June 2013
Private View: 6 June 2013 18:00 - 19:00 (RSVP needed)
Opening Party:6 June 2013 19:00 - 21:00



ICN gallery proudly presents "bonsai extension" by artist Hiroko Masuko from 6 – 29 June 2013.
She has been chasing her depiction of drawing a unique interpretation of the world in the motif of "bonsai" minutely with pens. Bonsais that appear in her works grew as time went by and turned traditional sometimes or at other times showed "evolution" like animals. This is her first solo exhibition in the UK, which will include her new works expanding from her past ones.

Outline of the exhibition

"Bonsai extension", will exhibit about a dozen works that Masuko has produced since 2006 with the motif of "Bonsai" that are proliferated. Exhibited work, "BONSAI 'Ouroboros and Corolla' ", has the theme of ouroboros that means "death and rebirth" and corolla that means eternal girlishness. The ring which is not yet complete proliferates further in search of completion. Masuko regards the picture plane as bonsai's pot, when she produces a piece of work. This time, that picture plane is deformed unnaturally.


Saturday, 8 June 14:00 - 15:30
Artist Talk "Since 11 March 2011 ..." Hiroko Masuko vs Sam Seager

A talk show between Sam Seager, a UK photographer that published "Broken Things" by taking pictures of post-disaster Tohoku, and Hiroko Masuko will highlight the activities and works by these two artists that confront the earthquake disaster.