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2017.6 tokyo
























Bonsai is a central theme to my work.   Bonsai is the art form of planting trees in a pot and creating a microcosmic scene of nature. It consists of multiple layers of various elements. The size of a pot determines how much trees can grow.  Branches and trunks which grow freely are shaped artificially with wires. To create the natural-looking, white, dead branches and trunk, a skilled craftsman uses deadwood technique to kill some parts of them with chemicals or a chisel knife. Natural plants which grow in various directions do not have a specific front side obviously. However, in Bonsai there is a front side, which means there is a painterly element to them. Bonsai is created intentionally this way.  Bonsai is the collaborative result of natural beauty and artistic work by a human, a combination I am deeply attracted to.

Born in the 80's, I have experienced our expanding network of cell phones and the internet.  I manage effectively, without a sense of the strangeness of this information society we live in. These networks grow like branches and can exist in a vessel, humans in this case, in the same manner as the trees in a Bonsai pot. Will the information society evolve as the vessel of humans evolve? I feel modern information society is detached from, and has already expanded out of human control. Is our existence in society detached, empty, and vain then?

Both dead and living cells co-exist in Bonsai while the permutation of 0 and 1 is the base of the network. To contrast the image, I use a pen to simply draw in black and white, uniform lines. I first place in the canvas what I see or what I am influenced by in daily life, such as books, plants or the internet. I call these objects the ‘seeds’ of my drawing work. Once the seeds are planted, then I grow them into trees in a vessel, which is the canvas.  While they seem to grow freely on the surface, the seeds do not recognize that they are ! given specific order, or then they do not want to know it.